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NewHabits Foundations in Jamaica will be held on Thursday, October 6th, 2016. 

Give your employees the chance to boost their productivity with my time management programme... blackwomanand teach them how to handle Email Overload.

  Click on the graphic below to watch my video to learn more about the NewHabits programme.


What are your employees facing?

If your company is like many others in the world at this time, staff members are listening and watching as senior executives tell them to do more with less.

We are in a recession, so they are given fewer resources, less time and smaller budgets and then asked to produce miracles.

BUT... they aren't being given a new way to manage their time, cope with the new demands, or any assistance improving their skills.

In other words they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

As a result, many will sacrifice themselves in order to keep their jobs. They'll give up time with their kids, special nights out with their spouses, and loved ones, drop hobbies and exercise programs, and cut back on volunteering in communities and churches.

A few will refuse to work that hard, and may end up without a job.

And only a tiny handful will be able to cope on their own.

If you want to engage in making solid productivity gains, then give your employees the knowledge and tools in NewHabits Foundations that will impact the way your company operates.

Help them put an end to the following modern symptoms of "life overload":
  • Email overload
  • Missed deadlines or persistent lateness
  • Time-stress or information overwhelm
  • Cluttered offices, homes, cars
  • Un-balanced lives
  • performance problems and feelings of guilt
In NewHabits they'll learn how to resolve these problems once and for all.

All this for a price of J$37,500 (plus GCT). 

This price includes all materials plus all the items I mentioned above as well as a meal and a snack.

New Habits-New Goals Enrollment 
"We are interested Francis..."   For payment options:
  • If you need an invoice for your company, click here to fill in the request  form: http://emailmeform.com/fid.php?formid=87513 and I will send you a custom invoice within 48 hours.paymaster
  • You can make the payment based on the invoice either on the day of the programme, or at any Paymaster location in Jamaica, or via Paymaster online.  
  • Please note that payments made after the start of the programme will attract a 2% late fee. 
  • If you have a question, or would like to claim a Group Discount for 5 or more employees, simply send me email by clicking here http://ReplytoFrancis.info
I'll look out for your company's employees in the next class,
Francis Wade
Framework Consulting

P.S.  Call today to see if you still qualify for the early-signup special.
P.P.S.  Click here to download a sendable flyer, and here to download an outline of the contents of the class.


The NewHabits Program formed a major part of my presentation to the ASTD International Conference and Exhibition in Dallas on May 20, 2013 entitled  How to Stop Failing at Behavior Change Training: The Case of Time Management.  I also presented at the International Coaching Federation Conference in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014.

My books are available on Amazon.com!
perfect time-based productivity
bill book

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I hope to work with your employees to help boost your company's productivity. Help them join over 400 graduates in the past 8 years who are using these concepts daily.   -  Francis



NEW!  Click here to view an interview I did on TVJ related to this programme!


Class Feedback


Michael Zajac, an Australian native living, and working in Jamaica in the GraceKennedy group, recommends the program highly as it helped him improve his time management skills significantly.  Listen in to the following interview I did with him about the progress he made through 2 belts in just a few months.
Click here for the audio interview.

"It takes the trite and cliched and makes it practical and personal."  N. Plummer-Hall

"It will help them to better plan and manage their time in order to be more productive."  K.Weller
When your employees complete the  class, they receive:

The right to claim 7 PDU's for PMI Certification

Our New Email Overload Module 

This 2 session webinar includes a custom workbook with the our world-class training in how to escape the ravages of Email Overload.

Printed Class Workbook

In the class materials theyworkbook receive a detailed description of the 11 Elements that are at the heart of the New Habits system.  

Access to 7 eLearning lessons

They will be able to reinforce the We will take them through the corescreen ideas behind New Habits, and show them how to use the website of ideas that were used to create the approach. 

Online Community

They will be given a freecommunity membership to an online community of graduates of the New Habits programme. This is theirs for a lifetime.  


artAs new ideas are developed, they will be the first to receive them.  They can stay on the cutting edge by merely reading updates on the New Habits approach. 

A Miniature Belt and Certificate of Completion

beltsIn the class, they will decide what belt level they are operating at, and will receive a miniature belt to mark their accomplishment to date.  As they gain further proficiency, further belts are awarded.

Blogs, Papers, Videos, Articles, Podcasts

checklistThey gain access to a variety of the best thinking that exists in the world, adding to the course materials.



More Class Feedback


"I know for sure it would help (people) to organize their lives and work and ultimately lead to peace of mind." M. Dewar

"It overturns the applecart of time management and brings new focus on actual steps involved." A. Henry

"It is excellent.  long awaited tool for the peace of mind you have been looking for." D. Ball


The New Habits workshop was a life changing experience for me. It has brought organization and greater clarity to my work life. By adopting a few simple practices my days are more productive, I feel a greater sense of accomplishment, I feel as if I have more control over my time and I feel I am a more effective executive because I am achieving the things that I set out to do. Recurring deadlines and reports that I once was always late with, I am now meeting easily. ...I honestly feel as if my productivity has increased by 20-30%.  A. Ho, General Manager in the  GraceKennedy group of companies

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