I know that the timing might not be right for you to take NewHabits Foundations on our next scheduled date. If that’s the case, here are some other unique resources you may wish to enjoy in the meantime.

The Trinidadian Executive in Jamaica, plus more

If you happen to be a Trinidadian manager or professional, you already know that the challenges facing you on a daily basis can’t be found in an MBA text book. To help fill the gap, I have created some specialized content that you won’t find elsewhere. If you add your name to my list of other Trinbagonians who are receiving updated information from me, you will receive:

trini exec thumb

This one-of-a-kind report is based on 30 interviews with Trinidadian executives living and working in Jamaica. They share what their transition was like and how they dealt with a cultural difference they failed to appreciate.

Also included is an audio interview with an executive who had just overcome the most challenging phase of his tenure as a General Manager.

Also, whenever I published an article in the Trinidadian press, you will receive a timely update with the information so that you never miss a beat.

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