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iStock_000003495874XSmallIf you are a knowledge worker who must make daily decisions about how best to use your time, you may already be challenged… by the increasing volume of work that you are being asked to do each day.

In these recessionary times more than 40% are doing the work of two or more persons, according to the research. 69% who use smartphones and laptops find themselves working longer hours as a result. You probably aren’t surprised to know that you deal with as much information in a day as your grandparents dealt with in a month.

The effect of these and other realities is that we must live with more interruptions, demands on our time and responsibilities than ever before.

For some of us, it’s hard to be ambitious… each day there’s the temptation to “check out,” to be distracted…rather than engage.

For example, during your time on this page, you may be interrupted at least once by a smartphone ring, laptop pop-up, tablet ping or just a co-worker who catches your eye as he/she walks by. It’s hard to be productive in today’s workplace, a fact that has escaped many managers.

Perhaps the thought of how much work you have has popped into your mind, including the number of email messages you must reply to. While you have wanted to get ahead for some time, you find yourself struggling to catch up.

Therefore, adjusting, modifying and upgrading the way you manage yourself and your time isn’t an option – it’s a must. You don’t want to be left behind, struggling as their life becomes imbalanced, your health suffers and you struggle to keep up with their commitments.

There is, however, a way out.

Scientists have been working in the background to solve these challenges, and we have taken their findings and poured them into NewHabits Foundations.

Come and learn how to master the future using more than home-grown techniques.

During this interactive training we’ll expose you to the 7 Fundamentals used to manage tasks by all human beings. With this understanding, you’ll receive small-group coaching on how to identify your glaring weaknesses and develop a plan for improving them gradually but permanently.

This plan won’t be based on what your friends are doing – instead, you will be exposed to world-class standards that just aren’t the norm here in the Caribbean. Your plan will be simple but realistic, and custom-built for your needs.

Plus, when the day is over you will be given a free copy of my book and  full access to a 6 week self-paced mobile learning, which covers the same material in depth, more slowly.

Here is a 7 minute video overview of the programme. (Turn up your speakers.)


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Why is it important to act quickly?
Our programs are limited in size in order to ensure that all participants receive some individual attention. Also, we have only offered programmes in Jamaica once per year to the public.
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