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Business TeamAre you thinking of sending an employee or colleague to the NewHabits Foundations Programme?

As an executive or manager, you have an employee (or group of employees) whose productivity you want to improve.

You have observed them for some time and have a concern: you observe symptoms that show they are not doing their best work. Perhaps you have already tried to intervene, using a number of tactics such as:

  • providing them specific coaching (which they don’t use)
  • giving them advice on how to meet their commitments (which they don’t seem to employ)
  • sharing high standards with them that go far beyond what they see in their colleagues
  • trying to tell them that they are “shooting themselves in the foot,” both now and in the future
  • acting as an example of high productivity (which they appear not to notice)

Perhaps you can see their untapped potential and you are concerned that they might never fulfill it, to the detriment of both your company and their performance.

We work with your staff to help them see that high productivity is not just about one part of their life. They learn that time-stress is not normal or expected. It impacts every single area of life if left unchecked. We help them see the modern signs of time-stress in their daily affairs.

Once they understand the causes of time-stress, they learn world-class standards they have never seen from just being with their friends. We help them evaluate their skills against these standards and notice the gaps where their home-grown skills are simply not sufficient.

When the gap has become clear, we show them how to manage themselves – their habits, practices and rituals – so that change becomes a planned result, rather than a coincidence or stroke of luck. They arrive back at your place of work with a written plan and a personal profile, along with instructions to share it with their immediate manager in order seek ongoing support.

It’s unlike any productivity class they have ever attended, as we focus on modern concerns such as:

– How do you manage smartphone, tablets and laptops effectively?

– Why do we appear so busy and distracted, yet at the end of the day, have so little to show for it?

– Where do moments of high productivity come from, and how can they be preserved?

This information helps them to see their current reality quite differently, while preparing them for a future of more new technology, and an increase in demands on their time.

So do them a favour… and expose them to the kind of education that makes a difference.

Take the next step and send them the link to our page written for potential attendees, or download this course description and forward it to them via email.

Here’s the link to copy and send them: https://newhabitsja.info/wordpress/program-details/

Download the NewHabits Foundations course description by clicking on this link:NewHabits Foundations Course Outline